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Essentials of Leadership and Management in Health Care

The Essentials of Leadership & Management in Health Care course is specifically designed to help advance your career in the healthcare industry. Throughout this two module course, you will gain valuable skills and knowledge that are essential for success in leadership and management roles. In module one you will explore various opportunities for career advancement and learn about the essential professional and interpersonal skills needed to thrive in these roles. Module two focuses on organizational behavior and management thinking, which are crucial aspects of effective leadership and management. Throughout the rest of the course, you will delve into important areas such as administration and policies, recruiting and managing personnel, and building and managing effective teams. These modules will equip you with the practical tools and techniques necessary to excel in these areas, including understanding policies and procedures, addressing compliance and risk management, conducting effective interviews, resolving conflicts, and fostering employee engagement and retention. By completing this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of leadership and management in the healthcare industry, positioning you for career advancement and enabling you to make a positive impact in your organization.

A quiz score of 70% or greater must be obtained to receive credit for this CE offering. If you do not receive a passing score, credit will not be awarded.