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PharmaSeer 2.0 + PharmaSeer Math 1.1

PharmaSeer™ is an online training tool that provides new pharmacy technician employees and students with comprehensive entry-level didactic training to complement performing hands-on tasks in order to provide safe, effective and efficient patient care. With constant performance feedback and recommended skill proficiency activities, PharmaSeer™ builds technician confidence and provides pharmacy trainers and educators with clear visibility into their technician comprehension of critical concepts and progress through the content.

PharmaSeer™ includes extensive didactic content delivered over 20 modules and 140 lessons, including:

  • 1,400 scored assessment questions
  • 700 in-lesson self-evaluation assessments to practice comprehension of content presented
  • More than 130 additional practice problems to build confidence in difficult-to-master topics


  • Module 1: Introduction and Basic Overview
  • Module 2: Prescription Medications - General
  • Module 3: Prescription Medications – Controlled Substances
  • Module 4: The Dispensing Process
  • Module 5: Pharmacy Calculations
  • Module 6: Self-Management Skills and Interpersonal Skills
  • Module 7: Patient Interaction
  • Module 8: An Overview of Federal Privacy Requirements
  • Module 9: Managed Care Prescriptions
  • Module 10: Non-Dispensing Duties
  • Module 11: Drug and Medical Terminology
  • Module 12: Basic Anatomy and Physiology
  • Module 13: Basic Pharmacology
  • Module 14: Commonly Prescribed Interventions
  • Module 15: Infection Control and Wellness Promotion
  • Module 16: Over-The-Counter Medications
  • Module 17: Unit Dose Systems and Drug Repackaging
  • Module 18: Non-Sterile Product Compounding
  • Module 19: Sterile Product Compounding
  • Module 20: Emergency Situations

PharmaSeer Math

PharmaSeer MathTM is a digital learning resource that helps current and future pharmacy technicians master calculations used in pharmacy practice. Through interactive learning, PharmaSeer MathTM prepares users with the skills and confidence to answer calculations used across all pharmacy settings to reduce calculation errors.


  • Self-paced and online
  • Accessible anywhere ( computer, tablet & mobile)
  • End-of-lesson quizzes
  • Demonstrates 3 calculations methods within each calculation activity, giving learners the power to choose which woks best for them.
  • Animated demonstrations and step-by-step activities show how to perform each calculation method.
  • Can be used alone or complementary to PharmaSeerTM


  • Module 1: Introduction and Measurement Basics
  • Module 2: Dispensing Calculations and Business Math
  • Module 3: Single-dose Calculations
  • Module 4: Sterile and Non-sterile Compounding Calculations
  • Module 5: Calculations for Special Circumstances