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PharmaSeer + ExCPT exam prep bundle

The PharmaSeer™ and online ExCPT prep bundle can help new pharmacy technician employees and students learn key entry-level knowledge and prepare for the ExCPT exam. The bundle includes three items: PharmaSeer™, ExCPT online study guide and ExCPT online practice tests.

ExCPT Online Study Guide modules:

  • Pharmacy Technician Overview
  • Laws, Regulations, and Controlled Substances
  • Medication Classifications
  • Prescription and Medication Order Intake and Entry
  • Preparing and Dispensing Prescriptions
  • Calculations
  • Sterile and Nonsterile Products, Compounding, Unit Dose, and Repackaging
  • Medication Safety and Quality Assurance 

PharmaSeer™ modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction and basic overview
  • Module 2: Prescription medications - general
  • Module 3: Prescription medications – controlled substances
  • Module 4: The dispensing process
  • Module 5: Pharmacy calculations
  • Module 6: Self-management skills and interpersonal skills
  • Module 7: Patient interaction
  • Module 8: An overview of federal privacy requirements
  • Module 9: Managed care prescriptions
  • Module 10: Non-dispensing duties
  • Module 11: Drug and medical terminology
  • Module 12: Basic anatomy and physiology
  • Module 13: Basic pharmacology
  • Module 14: Commonly prescribed interventions
  • Module 15: Infection control and wellness promotion
  • Module 16: Over-the-counter medications
  • Module 17: Unit dose systems and drug repackaging
  • Module 18: Non-sterile product compounding
  • Module 19: Sterile product compounding
  • Module 20: Emergency situations

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